Branding  +  Art Direction   —   2020

Slow Innovation defines a methodology.
An umbrella brand with multiple products and companies that helps businesses develop profitable products, while still having a positive impact in the world.



Why Slow Innovation?

We create a new way of thinking business because lots of us want to build Real Companies* instead of Unicorns. Because Lean Startup should work for companies that want to make a mindful, long-term, and sustainable impact on society. Because agile doesn't talk enough about ethics. And because being innovative and making a positive difference in the world can live together.



"We need an umbrella brand
that can accommodate
a new business philosophy


The future is in constant development.

The image above is the summary of our graphic concept. We use a line to represent development, constant change, fluidity. 
The simplicity of our graphic concept makes it very versatile and it can flex through time.
We also use the monogram SI as a shortcut for a very long name. 


The need for a quiet brand in a noisy world.


Lines evolve into an illustrative style that allows for content creation.
We can generate abstract compositions, infographics or textures.



Door. Coffee BarBranding — Hospitality

LOOMSBranding — Sustainability Media

The Flavour IndexBranding — Specialty Coffee

TritonBranding — Hospitality

La RositaBranding — Specialty Coffee

Nokia Nordic PremiumA design system — Tech

Assembly Coffee Caps — Coming SoonBranding — Specialty Coffee

Alex BermudezBranding — Specialty Coffee

MosaicBranding — Venture Capital

Move Fast & Fix ThingsBranding — Sustainability Media

OK — KOBranding — Healthcare

Zurich InsuranceBranding — Insurance

RostelecomBranding — Tech    

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