Branding  +  Art Direction   —   2018

A new Brand that transforms Russia's
digital landscape. Rostelecom connects people
across Russia through the largest telecoms
infrastructure and services network in the country.


Digital access to what you need

The new visual identity is based on the brand idea of revealing the other side. On one side is you, and on the other side, the experiences or content you want to access. A modern update, and an advantage in the market, marking it out as the colourful brand in a sea of mono-chromatic competitors.

With over 170,000 employees spread
across the world’s largest country,
Rostelecom serves consumer households,
business and government.


Designed for delivery.

The set of core behaviours we gave the design system ensures the flexibility
to adapt and evolve for years to come. 


Bespoke elements.

In collaboration with Colophon, Rostelecom Basis typeface was designed to optimise the way text looked within the “highlight and reveal” design tool.
The Latin and Cyrillic characters were refined for legibility. Also, a font-based solution was created that, when typed, will draw the “highlight and reveal” design device. Bespoke icons that harmonised with the typeface were also designed.



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