Branding  +  Art Direction   —   2020

Move Fast & Fix things is an online publication. It proposes a series of tools and guidelines
that founders of digital startups can use to develop their business sustainably. 


Ethical framework for digital start-ups

As companies grow and change, founders and employees will face difficult decisions that will challenge their moral compasses.
We cannot expect their environment (which exerts an asphyxiating financial pressure on them), or their peers (which are usually from the same social background) to help them.

Founders need to build a set of ethical
principles at the onset of a new
venture to consistently choose what is
best  for their company and society.


A simple and elegant brand.

Move Fast and Fix things branding is focused on timeless. 
The brand overall look and feel is very simple, colours are soft and inviting. Photography is largely used
 for content creation and storytelling and all the design details balance tradition and modernity.


Illustration style.

An illustration style is used to convey a more human approach.
We create a collection of portraits to introduce some of our collaborators and interviewees.



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